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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Headteacher Mrs Hilary Lorimer

Deputy Headteacher and SENCo

Mrs Kerry O'Grady

Academy Business Manager Mrs Clare Baxter
Class Teachers

Mrs S Holst (Nursery)

Mrs M Murphy


Mrs M Smith (Reception)

Miss L Furniss (Yr 1)

Miss L Mitchell (Yr 2)

Mrs K O'Grady (Yr 2)

Ms N Woods (Yr 3)

Miss P Mistry (Yr 4)

Mrs L Rees (Yr 5)

Mrs E James (Yr 6)

Mrs E Hitchins

Deputy Inclusion Leader and Learning Support Assistant Mrs L Walker

Teaching Assistants

(Learning Support Assistants)

Miss N Burrell

Mr T Burrell

Miss J De-Lancey

Miss J Evans

Mrs S Goss

Miss M Jones

Mrs S Kennedy

Mrs K Lewin

Mrs C Newton

Mrs C Vural

Mrs J Wood

School Administrator

Mrs A Pearson

Lunchtime Support Staff


Miss M Jones (Lead)

Mrs E Bishop

Mrs A Kostowska

Mrs J Phillips

Mrs P Rea

Mrs C Smith


Mrs V Kelly (Lead)

Mrs K Bloxham

Mrs T Willey

The Owlery Staff

Mrs K Lewin (Lead)

Miss M Tallis

Premises and Cleaning Staff

Mrs K Swaden (Lead)

Mrs S Bale

Mrs T Willey