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Welcome to St Oswald's C of E Academy


A message from Hilary Lorimer, Headteacher


Welcome to St Oswald's C.E. Academy.  We are really proud of our school and all our pupils.

We are a happy school in which our pupils are encouraged to become caring, thoughtful and responsible members of our community  and beyond the school gates.  Most importantly, we want our pupils to enjoy their days at school and to experience the excitement of learning, discovery and challenge.

We want our parents and carers to trust and work with us, so that together we make sure every child has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

As a Church Of England school our ethos is embedded in Christian values which we focus on through our assemblies and work together.  We value the religions, traditions and backgrounds of all our families and welcome all opportunities to celebrate our rich diversity.

We want our pupils to leave us with the skills and outlook needed to achieve their ambitions and to lead happy, successful lives.

We welcome visitors to our school, so please come and see us!