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Online safety, ICT and Computing @ St Oswald's

Online Safety at St Oswald's

We learn about Online Safety as part of our learning in ICT lessons as well as through Online Safety weeks throughout the year. We take Online Safety very seriously, and invite parents and carers to special assemblies throughout the year. Please look at the videos and links below to find out more about our learning and how to stay safe online.

E-Safety Assembly

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E-safety week (September 2016)


We had an e-safety week where all children learnt a bout 'digital literacy' as part of their computing lessons. Classes from Years 1 to 6 also presented something different as part of our e-safety assembly to parents. There were e-safety songs and raps, useful information on how to create a safe password and how to stay safe when playing Pokemon Go. As always, the presentations were informative and thought provoking. Well done to all of the children.


To see the videos of each class please look at the class pages.



Online Safety Week April 2016

During our online safety week, we learnt a lot about 'digital literacy', and how to stay safe online. We put together a video to share what each class have been learning.

Online Safety Week April 16.mp4

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Warwickshire Online Safety Story Writing Competition January 2016:


All children in Key Stage 2 took part in the Warwickshire Online Safety story writing competition in December 2015. There were some fabulous, informative stories written across the key stage, all with important messages about how to stay safe online. Each class put forward three entries for the competition, and Mrs O'Grady had to choose the best ones to send off to be judged in the competition.

A massive 'Well Done' goes to Abi Burrows, Y6, who came third with her story 'Hansel and Gretel and the Online Witch' - this can be read below.


Do you know how secure your Social Media profile is? Many people do not realise how much information is listed as 'Public' on their Social Media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Below are some handy guides on how you can check your accounts to ensure you are only giving away the information you want.

How Safe is your Social Media Profile?

Year 2 e-Safety video based on the Cinderella story - watch out for those ugly sisters!

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Year 2 used Puppet Pals to record videos about staying safe online, based on the characters from Cinderella.

Another Year 2 e-Safety video...

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Another Year 2 e-Safety video.....

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Year 5 and Year 6 - e-safety week June 15. A video we made after a visit from the local police.

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E-Safety Assembly Year 4

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Year 3 E-Safety 1

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Year 3 E-Safety 2

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Year 3 E-Safety 3

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Year 3 E-Safety 4

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Find out all about Computing (ICT) at St Oswald's....

Computing is seen as a core subject at our school, and we work towards ensuring all our pupils have access to a range of ICT and Computing equipment in a bid to prepare them for the 'real' world. E-safety plays a key part of our education, and we devote a whole week each term to e-Safety specific lessons across the school.

ICT and Computing skills are taught through a range of specific units of work, as well as through cross-curricular use of iPads and PCs. Each class has access to iPads to support learning across the curriculum.

ICT tools are also used to communicate with parents - including email, text and Twitter.

The school achieved the ICT Mark in 2011 and the 360 Degree E-Safety Mark in 2012.

For any questions or comments about ICT and Computing at St Oswald's, please speak to Mrs O'Grady.


Here is an overview of our Computing Curriculum: